We are explorers travelling the world to see our ancient past and dig deeper to try uncovering mysteries. To be more precise, we travel the world because we are deeply passionate but we also want to share as much as possible with those who can’t afford to see things for themselves.

Earth past: advanced lost ancient civilization & incredible nature

Making parallels between ancient constructions from all across the globe helps all of us understand that there maybe was one day an advanced civilization at a time where man is believed to have been of low-tier knowledge and life habits. This is our investigation, our mission.

BUT. We never forget that regardless of all our findings, regardless of where we all come from,  there is something that was, is and will forever be bigger than us: planet Earth. That is why we will also share pictures we have been lucky enough to shoot in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Because when you think about it, how the Earth evolved over billions of years is actually our Ancientest World, isn’t it?