Revelations of the Ancient World is both the culmination and the starting point of a passion for life serving alternative archaeology, sharing with others, love for nature and the awakening of consciences.

Time has come for us to reach out to all those searching for the truth and are willing to do 2 things:

–                Put their beliefs in a closet and dive into our past civilization in order to understand it

–                Explore our planet in order to discover the most beautiful landscapes and contrasts

From Egypt to the rest of the World, here is our history and how everything matured until the birth of Revelations of the Ancient World.

The first major travel of our founder guide took place in Egypt at the age of 14, before returning for several consecutive years. Amazed by what he had before his eyes, he seemed however not convinced by the explanations given by Egyptian guides.

Then came the time to seriously dive into field research off the academic paths. Day by day, for years, as internet was barely alive, Egypt was no longer this isolated timeless place where outstanding people expressed their know-how through amazing constructions. As the internet grew, information and trips became much easier to obtain and organize. The learning phase got more intense.

New expeditions, lecture, personal interviews, documentaries, countless books, helped us discover, learn, understand and deepen the subject. Read, watch, listen, over and over again, From the last ice age to the Egypt of pharaos described in History books, to the Khemits, almost unknown to anyone, and the local meetings with guides or students, we tried to confront every possible knowledge available out there. Through numerous trips and the indigenous widsom keepers spreading bits of astonishing information, the constant quest demands to challenge everything all the time. A challenge that forces you to re-discover, re-learn and re-understand so that the giant puzzle of Mankind shuffles again to draw a picture closer to the reality of our ancient past.

“Mankind once possessed ancient technologies probably exceeding what we have today”

Seeing so many facts, Egypt then becomes this craddle of a global civilization that went through an incredible period of spirituality but also a period where mankind possessed ancient technologies probably exceeding what we have today.

Quite the statement, isn’t it ? But a statement that makes perfect sense when you dare going outside of Egypt. You then realize that what we see in Egypt in terms of constructions and proof of usage of advanced lost ancient technologies, can be found all over the world as well. In South America, Peru, Bolivia, Easter Island, Mexico, and many more. In Europe as well, Malta and Italy. In Asia, in China and near the Japanese coast line. At the deepest of Russia, Turkey, Greece…In a nutshell, everywhere.

“Everything being said about Ancient Egypt is only based on suppositions”

But among all those countries, Egypt keeps a mystic and fascinating sides through the beauty of its hieroglyphs the majesty of its constructions. This is why our guide dove again deeper into this alternative egyptology that was burning inside him. But when you put the pieces of the giant puzzle back together after years of investigation, what used to be an alternative egyptology turns into a real egyptology, undeniable, 100% pragmatic, bumping constantly against academic beliefs.

Yes, beliefs. Because everything being said about Ancient Egypt is only based on suppositions, without any scientific back ups, appeared during the first expeditions ran by Napoleon Bonapart in 1798. Since then, no serious corrective work has ever been done…

No geologist has ever contributed to confirm or invalidate rock dating.

No architect has ever contributed to explain that without a definite construction method it is impossible to determine the duration of the said construction.

No engineer has ever contributed to explain that some achievements can’t be done by hand.

Explaining Egypt can’t be done by just reading hieroglyphs and cross-checking academic archeology. It demands experts with technical competences and expertise whose analysis will allow recreating a coherent ensemble, or at least en ensemble closer to the truth we are all seeking.

Code of silence on alternative archeology

Those few who dared going to this slippery opposition field saw their research grants getting cut, or even worse, getting totally ostracized by this narrow minded Egyptology. Isn’t it natural for scientists to always doubt to keeping moving forward? Isn’t it also a showing of weakness from a community feeling febrile and ready to do anything to keep intact the lies spread throughout the world since day one by annihilating the attempts of those honest truth seekers? This is indeed what we have been thinking forever: if their truth is undeniable, why on earth being so scared of those who try to shake it? Didn’t Voltaire used to say, “To know who runs things, you just to need to find who you can’t criticize”?

The heck with that! Alternative and honest Egyptology is a strong and tight-knit community, and we hope we can ignite within you the same sparkle that will lead you to the same path we have been walking for so many years.

Not just Egypt! It is the whole wide World that we wanna eat up! 

But if Egyptology is our road of heart, Planet Earth remains our life-size playground in which we evolve respectfully and responsibly for such a long time. A playground that requires more than just one life to see its beauties. So let’s not waste time any longer and let’s discover together the magic of our incredible Earth.

So many years spent as Mother Nature is guiding us towards the scents of this priceless fragrance that is our ecosystem. From Iceland to Indonesia, Senegal, USA, Borneo, to Canada, Scotland without forgetting about out beautiful France, we are proud and eager to share all that with you.

With you, retrospectively on this website, but also with you physically during our future expeditions open to the public.