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Easter Island/Rapa Nui: Moai & logic


The most important thing bringing answers while we are travelling across the globe is always logic. Logic in its mere intrinsic meaning. Not biased logic we “learned” to have at school or through the media.

If we look at Moais recently excavated, found to actually be buried underground, this grand discovery ignited the general reaction of “WOW! Actually they are even more massive!” Well, true. But that’s not what is important. What is important, is Continue reading

Candi Sewu, Prambanan – Java, Indonesia


If you ever go to Prambanan, check out Candi Sewu!

Candi Sewu is the largest complex of Buddhist temples within the Prambanan area. Its original 249 temples cover a total surface of 2,6Ha. It is believed to have been built in the late 8th century, which means 70 years before the Prambanan temple and about 40 before Borobudur, making it the oldest temple complex in the Yogyakarta area.

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Sulawesi & Bada Valley

We said we have big plans for 2016/2017…We don’t know yet when exactly, but we will explore & investigate in one of the most remote places on earth, down in the Sulawesi forests in Indonesia to see this…”Easter Island” you said? We’ll see about that 🙂

Egyptian guide :)


Our guide Oana, overwhelmed by the young Egyptian kids we spent time with at the Luxor Temple. Pic taken during our last tour in Egypt, December 2015. We hope we’ll be able to spend such moments with you as well during our next tours!