Ramesseum, Luxor – the largest statue ever?


Located on the West bank across the Nile in Luxor, the Ramesseum is said to be the mortuary temple of Ramses II. It features the remains of what could have been the largest statue ever erected by man. Made of one solid block of rose granite, this statue blows everything else out of the water with its estimated 18 meters in height (60ft.) and more than 1000 tons (2,2M lbs). We went there and captured this amazing and underrated site! One question remains: what could have turned these 1000 tons into such disarray and dismantled pieces? Cataclysm? Continue reading

Abusir, South of Giza, Egypt: mindblowing granite drill holes granite


Without a doubt, Abusir & Abu Ghorab hold some of the most astonishing findings of our field research in Egypt. Thanks to our local contacts we managed to access both sites that are usually closed to the public. Abusir & Abu Ghorab reveal impossible core drill holes in pink (called Syenite) and black granite as well as alabaster. We do not know how these were made but surely not with sand, water and hard stone drills like Egyptology claims. Today we use diamond-tipped machines to drill granite! Did the Ancient builders possess lost ancient high technology?  Continue reading