The Easter Island Discovery


Easter Island is the most remote place on the planet. Check it yourself on Google map: there is NOTHING around. You have to fly 5 hours to reach Chile. 5 hours to reach Tahiti…5 hours! Pitcairn Islands are “only” 2000km away, but they were only discovered in the 18h century so those who lived on Easter Island didn’t come from there.  Continue reading

Karnak Temples


Located in Luxor, Egypt, the Karnak Temples are the world’s largest open air museum. Those are our pictures showing a marvelous mixture of architecture, as well as lost knowledge and technologies. Continue reading

How to support us

The only thing that we will ever care about is being able to share what we see across the globe with all of you people!

Whether it’s amazing unexplained artifacts in Egypt, ancient lost high technology in Bolivia, an incredible hidden waterfall in Iceland or an active volcano in Indonesia, we will share it all with you for as long as we can! 🙂

And we will always go deeper in our explorations and worldwide discoveries.

Of course this has a cost. Buying new equipment to shoot videos & take better pictures also has a cost. But as long as we can afford it, we will continue doing this!

It is however also true that funds are not endless 🙂

That is why we managed to organize all our future trips in a way that allows people to join us. This is the perfect way for you to be a part of our unique discoveries experience and also a way for us to keep going. We also understand this can a big budget. Sometimes, too big. If people can’t afford joining us, we will still go to our future destinations anyhow and share all with you. That is why, you also have an alternative way to support us: small donations.

If you wish to see more of our amazing planet and witness us continue unravel the truth about our Ancient Past, feel free to make a donation; even the smallest ones will help us going forward! 🙂