Amazing Giza Pyramids


Unique eye on the Majestic Giza Pyramids

The Great Pyramid of Giza of Kheops/Khufru, the Kephren/Khafre one, the Mykerinos/Menkaure one as well as the smaller almost forgotten 6 smaller ones: our cameras immortalized the Giza plateau in a very unique way in 35 original views. Enjoy it and share! 🙂

thumb_P1020247_1024thumb_P1020483_1024 thumb_P1020462_1024 thumb_P1020447_1024 thumb_P1020446_1024 thumb_P1020445_1024 thumb_P1020444_1024 thumb_P1020441_1024 thumb_P1020440_1024 thumb_P1020439_1024 thumb_P1020437_1024 thumb_P1020412_1024 thumb_P1020406_1024 thumb_P1020397_1024 thumb_P1020390_1024 thumb_P1020389_1024 thumb_P1020376_1024 thumb_P1020375_1024 thumb_P1020374_1024 thumb_P1020373_1024 thumb_P1020368_1024 thumb_P1020365_1024 thumb_P1020335_1024 thumb_P1020328_1024 thumb_P1020326_1024 thumb_P1020318_1024 thumb_P1020317_1024 thumb_P1020307_1024 thumb_P1020285_1024 thumb_P1020280_1024 thumb_P1020277_1024 thumb_P1020275_1024 thumb_P1020273_1024

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