Candi Sewu, Prambanan – Java, Indonesia


If you ever go to Prambanan, check out Candi Sewu!

Candi Sewu is the largest complex of Buddhist temples within the Prambanan area. Its original 249 temples cover a total surface of 2,6Ha. It is believed to have been built in the late 8th century, which means 70 years before the Prambanan temple and about 40 before Borobudur, making it the oldest temple complex in the Yogyakarta area.

The main temple at Candi Sewu is 30m high and 29m wide. Our love for numbers makes us think that initially the width was also 30m, especially when we saw how greatly numbers were handled at Borobudur (article from Jan. 17th)


Indonesian teams are working hard to restore the site, but due to the 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake, many parts of the site collapsed again.


The guard twin statues, the Dwarapalas are almost intact, which welcomes you to the temple in incredible fashion.


The best thing about this temple is that very few people know about it and go check it. Whoever (tourists) goes to the Prambanan area, only knows/cares about the huge Prambanan complex. The smaller ones are left apart, which means that when you’re done with the 10/12 minute walk to go to Candi Sewu, which is the Northernmost point of the whole area, you will be greeted with great peace and emptiness which allows you to stay there for as much as  you need to enjoy the energy of the temple!


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