Disc of Sabu


Disc of Sabu, from the Tomb of Prince Sabu, son of Adjuib Pharaoh ouf of I Dynasty around 3000BC.

No proper explanation has been given for this mind twister.
Different technical studies have given results of a “fuel mixer”.
But independently of what the object was supposedly used as/for, the imperfection of its design and stone work (schist is so fragile that minerals grain and split off easily into flakes or slabs) highlight the fact that it is more likely a stone copy of an older perfectly shaped metallic object, yet to be dtermined.
History books refer it as a Traditional Egyptian bowl/vase.

Enigma of the Day

What do you think this is?
What do you think History books say this is?
Diamater: 61cm
Height: 10 cm
Age: 5100 years old