Distance between historical sites…crazy numbers!


Crazy numbers. Yesterday we talked this “bent” equator on which we find countless major sites around the globe. The fascinating thing about it is that:
– The North Pole of this bent Equator is our current magnetic North Pole
– If we form a triangle between this magnetic North Pole, Nazca and Giza, the triangle proportions are the same as those of the Great Pyramd of Giza.
– The distance between Giza & Nazca = the distance between Giza & Teotihuacan
– Teotihuacan pyramids have the same alignment as the pyramids of Giza, all reproducing the alignment of the Orion constellation stars.
– The distance between Nazca & Angkor Vat = distance between Eatser Island & Mohenjo Daro
– Distance between Easter Island & Giza = Phi (golden ratio) x 10.000
– Distance between Angkor Vat & Giza x Phi = distance between Giza & Nazca
– Distance between Giza & Nazca x Phi = distance between Angkor Vat & Nazca

We can make numbers say anything, but one can’t turn their head when numbers systematically reveal links between those site, especially when using universal constant like Phi. Any site, anywhere else on the glove wouldn’t have those distance relationships. Quite the mystery, where luck has yet to find its place!