Exclusive discovery – Cart ruts in France


Our team, lead by our guide Jan Niedbala just discovered cart ruts in the south of France in the village of Lamanon, on our way to the Cales Caves site. An exclusive discovery that we are very proud of! Much like the ones found (among other places) on Malta, these cart ruts remain hardly explainable. Academic theories state that cart were used to move megaliths causing the ground to slowly cave in and create those ruts. Besides the fact that cart can’t create those marks unless the ground is somewhat shapeable, two incoherencies contradict academics.


  1. ruts don’t always have the same shape as ruts that would have been made by a superheavy cart
  2. we are on a steep hill, walking to the Cales Caves site, a place where no megaliths whatsoever can be found. Nothing heavy has been transported there.
  3. Mystery remains intact
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