Pagan Megalithic Wall – Mount St Oldile – Vosges, France


Due to snowy weather condition, the hunt of the stone clamps was difficult but thanks to our trained eyes we managed to figure some out and unsnow them. Though the pics are not as crystal clear as expected, we saw enough of those to have us go back there during the spring season to give you a full coverage of the site and even shoot some videos there! 

Megaliths and electro-magnetic fields

The main revelations from this site:
1) Loads of empty stone clamps 100% similar to what we find in Egypt, Peru, Italy and others
2) Megaliths of 20-40 tons piled on top of each 5 meter high in the middle of nowhere.
3) EMF, electromagnetic field, similar to what we have in a living room with a wifi internet device and 2 phones.

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