The Great Pyramid of Giza – Are you kidding me ???


The most overlooked aspect of the Great Pyramid is not its construction, but the work done BEFORE to allow the construction. Let’s look at it because it is equally mind-blowing!

The pyramid construction started when the ancient builders bulldozered 5 meters of limestone hill (!!) to have a flat base for the forthcoming construction (see picture). Continue reading

The Great Pyramid of Giza – 5 times more accurate than modern buildings


All 4 sides of the Great Pyramid are more precisely aligned with the cardinal points than any other building in the world today.

The incredible accuracy makes the Great Pyramid face true north by an error of only 0.05 degree! As a comparison, a more recent attempt at a building perfectly facing the north was the old Observatory of Paris, in 1667. It only reached error of 0.25 degree. Continue reading

The Great Pyramid of Giza


2,6 million stone blocks? 6 million tons? You damn right!

No one knows how the Pyramids were built. Anything we read in books are simple theories that can’t be proven. The only thing we can do is looking at facts and think for ourselves.

Continue reading

Ancient dinosaur carving in Cambodia?


Just right outside of Angkor Vat, 10km North of Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia, Ta Prohm Temple is showing another evolution mystery. A very specific carving is showing what seems to look like a Stegosaurus.

But we need to take one step back to really ask ourselves the right questions and try to explain that. Continue reading

Puma Punku, Bolivia – Precision


Another “anomaly” is that Puma Punku shows perfectly drilled holes, showing patterns that we are all familiar with in modern times. But the precision, shapes and accuracy of those stoneworks are barely imaginable without computer-assisted machinery. This is not speculation. It is simply admitted by archeologists or engineers who visited Puma Punku. Continue reading

Ancient Egypt Tour – Join a fantastic life-size field investigation! Dive into the real History of Mankind.

Let’s rewrite History together! Your adventure starts here! 

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Expedition Egypt 2016Ancient Egypt – from Cairo to Aswan, in the heart of a lost dynasty !

Day 1 – Discovery of Cairo

After going through customs you will be welcomed by our local coordinator who will drive  you to Gizeh, 20 meters away from the Sphinx side entrance.

Day 2  – Full day on the Giza plateau: the 9 pyramids, the Sphinx and Valley Temple. Every detail will be inspected while we will see the back and forth of tourist groups that are staying only 90 minutes on site.

All recesses of the Giza plateau will be inspected with your guide. Besides the magnificence of the pyramids, we will see how Dynastic Egypt and Peru had common origins, architectural but also civilizational. Also, you will dive into the heart of the first usage of ancient high technologies.

Day 3 – Dashur and its 2 pyramids: the Red & the Bent  – Saqqara : the Step Pyramids,  Mastaba of Ty, Serapeum and its 100-ton underground granite blocks

King Snefru, meaning « double harmony», is the one supposed to have built the Red and Bent Pyramids. Djoser, on the other side and believed to have built the Step Pyramid of Saqqara. Still swimming in the ocean of proof that Ancient Egypt once possessed forms of technology, we will go underground to see the Serapeum and its granite blocks. Academic Egyptology claims that those hollowed blocks were destined to welcome dead bulls, paying tribute to the God Apis. But this is totally false and we will see why different civilizations came on the site.

Day 4 – Surprise day

Day 5 – Transfer to Cairo airport + flight to Aswan

Day 6 – The Unfinished Obelisk and its 1,200 tons, Elephantine Island and a felucca ride on Nile at sunset

Full day in the heart of ancient high technologies used in Ancient Egypt, as well as pre-dynastic Egypt. Countless proofs scattered all over the city of Aswan!

Day 7 – Departure at 4AM for Abu Simbel and the temples of Ramses II and Queen Nefertari. Return around 1PM. Free afternoon/rest. One of the most majestic sites of Ancient Egypt.

Day 8 – Day trip to Temples Kom Ombo  of Haroëris and  Sobek  the crocodile God,  and Horus Temple in  Edfu, one of the best preserved temples of Ancient Egypt.

Day 9 – Visit of a traditional Nubian village & discovery of the Aswan bazaar before hopping on a train to Luxor. Witness the superb colorful landscapes between the Eastern desert and the Western Nile lush and fertile grounds.

Day 10 – Luxor. Full visits of Luxor Temple and Karnak Complex. Traditional market.

We will let ourselves flow alongside an alley of ram-headed Sphinxes to spend a whole half-day in the Karnak Temple. In this immensity we will see the Chapel of Sekhmet, as well as the Temples of Amun, Neter & Khonsu. We will then head for the Luxor Temple going through the hectic traffic of the city. This is where Ancient Egypt gives away a few secrets through the remains in the streets of Luxor that almost no one adds to their visits.

Day 11 – Experience the West bank at your own pace. Memnon Colossi, Medinet Habu, Ramesseum, Valley of the Nobles

We will start with the Memnon Colossi and Medina Habu before going to the Valley of the Nobles to admire hieroglyphs. Then we will visit the Ramasseum, mortuary temple of Ramses II where we will discover the remains of what once was probably the biggest statue ever erected by men.

Day 12 – Flight back to Cairo before your return from flight Cairo

We want to highlight that all our trips are eco-responsible by virtue of the unconditional support we wish to bring to local populations that allow us to discover and share their history & culture.

Expedition April 7th – 20th 2017

Limited number of participants.

Dare the exclusive experience of meeting the Almighty Komodo Dragons!

Your adventure starts here! 

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Land of the Dragons – Oct 26th til Nov 9th 2017

Day 1 // BALI – ENDE

Pick-up in Bali hotel + Bali-Ende flight. Visit of Wolotopo village and local methods of textile work.


Depart for the 3 amazing lakes with unexplained colors inside the Kelimutu volcano craters, and then head off to Murukeba waterfall. Relaxing on Koka Beach in the afternoon.

Day 3 // MONI – ENDE – RIUNG

Road day to Riung going through Nangapenda, the famous blue stone beach.


Boat day in this 17-island piece of paradise, with snorkeling spots and a white sand beach BBQ lunch with unforgettable flavors on Rutong Island. End of trip on Kalong Island to see tens of thousands of giant bats, called “Flying foxes”.


Road to Bajawa with a stop at the Mangeruda hot springs.

Day 6 // BAJAWA

Wawo Muda volcano, smaller brother of Kelimutu, and its recent (2001) craters filled with dark orange waters. Visit of Bajawa’s traditional market before heading off to the traditional village of Bena. On our way back to Bejawa, stop at Mount Wolobobo peak to see an unreal sunset.


Aimere and its local artisanat of palm juice called « Arak ». Liang Bua cave, where originates the Man of Flores (dubbed « the hobbit ») dating back to 100.000 years, challenging academic theories of our civilization.


Along Wae Lomba river and Pocorok highlands, trek to the exceptional village of Wae Rebo, a place so remote, time stood still. Finishing the day with a local fighting dance called Mbata, which can only be seen in west Flores.


On a road only taken by locals, we will drive to Labuan Bajo. Incredible food night as we go to Labuan Bajo’s fish market to eat grilled fresh-from-the-day products.


3 Days – 2 Nights on a boat for the highlight of the trip: Rinca & Komodo Islands and their fabulous Komodo Dragons! Pink Beach and its surprising colors. Without forgetting the sublime islands of Kanawa, Padar & Kelor: white sand beaches and snorkeling in the middle of pristine waters and preserved corals. Karang Makassar (Manta Point) and their royal Manta Rays. Night of Day 12 in Labuan Bajo in a great hotel to relax before the long travel back home.

Day  13 // Trip back

Labuan Bajo – Bali flight before international flights from Denpasar airport.

Tour from Oct 26th til Nov 9th 2017

Open number of participants: 8