Piri Reis Map – Antarctica without ice, evidence of Ancient Technology?


Almost 100 years ago Gustav Adolf Deissmann, a German theologian was browsing through historical documentation when he made a stunning yet forgotten discovery : the Piri Reis map, drawn in 1513AD, showing Antartica…without ice ! How is this possible ?

The drawer of the map was a Turkish cartographer and admiral by the name of Hagli Ahmed Muhiddin Piri, aka, Piri Reis. He said he has used more than 20 different map sources to assemble and reconstruct this one. Among the sources he claimed to have used :
– 1 map from Christopher Columbus
– 4 Portuguese and 1 Arabic maps
– 8 Ptolemaic maps

There are 2 intriguing and very controversial facts :
– Antartica is only known to have been discovered in 1773
– Geology states that the last time Antartica wasn’t covered with ice is about 6000 years old, 4000BC

Like we explained in our article Secrets of the Sphinx: at least 12.000 years old here is another dichotomy between geological evidence and academics. Official science claims Antartica has been covered in ice for million of years. But that is something we got used to…

This map uses a mercatorial projection, a projection of a map of the world on to a cylinder in such a way that all the parallels of latitude have the same length as the equator, used especially for marine charts and certain climatological maps. This technique was not, supposedly, used before the 16th in Europe when latitude and longitude were calculated through astronomy and geometry.


Souvenirs from the Atlantean? 

There is no known contemporary explanation but this map indicates that there was once a prehistoric civilization that possessed advanced technology or knowledge in order to navigate the globe and draw incredibly accurate mappings. In 1965 Charles Hapgood presented his conclusions and clearly stated that the topographic depiction of the continents on the map required aerial capabilities. Another brick on the wall of the long lost highly advanced civilization we are so thoroughly chasing in our field and ad-hoc research. Only the 20th century and its satellite technology has been able to provide with an accurate ice-free map of Antartica. When we link this to the legend of the Atlantean, one can simply wonder how true the legend actually was.

Is it possible that the Piri Reis map was drawn from documents of a prehistoric civilization, possessing state-of-the-art technology allowing them to chart and map the globe with accuracy only possible with modern technology. Critics and academics alike, disregard all that simply claiming that this is not Antartica shown on the map but imaginary links with South America…