Secrets of Ancient Egypt Tour 2016

Sunrise giza

We are excited to announce that in September we will take a group of deeply passionate Ancient Egypt enthusiasts on our tour. Giza, Saqqara,  Dashur, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Luxor, this is what they will get to see…and much more! 🙂People are already asking to book their spot on the January 2017 tour. If you want to join the party email us at or click here

Bent Pyramid Aswan Feluccas sunset Aswan sunset Basalt pavement Kephren Bent desert Abu Simbel desert sunrise Abu Ghorab Abu Simbel Camel + Kephren Elephantine Giza hill dug Giza megaliths Granite hole 1 Desert Granite hole 2 Granite hole 3 Karnak Luxor Ramses Luxor Market Remasseum Saqqara Sphinx + Kheops Sphinx + Giza view Serapeum Menkaure knobs Menkaure big view Memnon Luxor Wolverine Giza Water erosion sphinx Valley Temple Andesite Unfinished Obelisk Sphinx face to face Scoops aswan3 Scoops aswan2 Scoops aswan1

Wanna see this with your own yes? Let’s go! Get all details on our Ancient Egypt Expedition in January 2017 by clicking here or by sending us an email at