The Easter Island Discovery


Easter Island is the most remote place on the planet. Check it yourself on Google map: there is NOTHING around. You have to fly 5 hours to reach Chile. 5 hours to reach Tahiti…5 hours! Pitcairn Islands are “only” 2000km away, but they were only discovered in the 18h century so those who lived on Easter Island didn’t come from there. 

So basically, academic theory tells us that about 1000/1200 years ago, Polynesian culture is supposed to have been randomly sailing the Pacific when they stumbled across this island and decided to settle there. But has anyone ever asked themselves if that could even be possible? Because, if that ever happens to me, I’ll play the lottery the very next day!

Basically this theory means that the Polynesian people had been sailing the equivalent of a 5-hour flight before they found the island. Hmmm…ok…let’s say they did. But what does that mean and actually imply?

This implies hat they left their homeland “hoping to find something”? Ok, why not…After all, this is how many places have been discovered. But I’d like to ask you something. If YOU had to do this, what would YOU do? Would you try a small cruise in one direction, come back if it fails, and try another direction next time? Or would you sail THOUSANDS of kilometres hoping of something in your first attempt? …yep, me too!

But again, why not…let’s say they did. What does that mean? It means they embarked enough food and water to sail at least 4000km. Yes, AT LEAST 4000km, because in theory if they didn’t find Easter Island, they would continue sailing, right?

And what if they didn’t find anything? As seasoned explorers (no beginner would start with such a project!) they sure were prepared for this possible outcome, don’t you think? They wouldn’t let themselves die in the middle of the largest ocean on Earth! What does that tell us? They embarked enough food and water to sail at least those 4000km and sail back another 4000km! Also, remember that if they didn’t bump into the island, they had to continue for another 4000km to reach Chile…Which makes it 8000km one way, 16000km round trip.

Don’t forget that all this was supposedly done randomly. They had no idea that Easter Island existed; they didn’t have a map showing details of the Pacific. Also, they didn’t know that Chile existed so this breaks the possibility that they decided to sail 8000km to go directly to South America and happened to find Easter Island on the way.

Sorry but, as amazing sailors as the Polynesians were, it is hard to imagine that Polynesian cultures prepared boats and enough supplies for X number of persons for 8000+ kilometres to go sailing simply HOPING to find a new land. And then what should we think when we find megaliths on this island similar to those found in Egypt or Peru, each of them supposedly built thousands of years apart?

How about we show a little bit of common sense and humility by admitting that we actually don’t know much about the Easter Island Discovery?