The Great Pyramid of Giza – 8 sides instead of 4?!


Oh You Great Pyramid of Giza, you never cease to amaze us!

This time is no different. The Pyramid doesn’t have 4 sides…but 8!!

First photographed by P. Groves, a British Air Force pilot who, in 1940, captured the amazing feature from his plane, the Pyramid’s sides are not flat, but concave in their center!

The explanation and purpose of these indented sides are yet to be defined. While Egyptology is still looking into it, many academic Egyptologists, like French researcher Jean Pierre Adam, fail to acknowledge the level of achievement this actually is by discrediting what causes these 8 sides by giving explanations:

1) Natural erosion was more active in the middle of the side, giving this shape after thousands of years
2) Given the weight of the pyramid it is natural that it subsides at some point (La Révélation des Pyramides, 2012)

The first explanation is highly unlikely as erosion couldn’t have the exact same effect on all 4 sides with such precision (the concavity is the same on each side).
The second explanation is totally impossible. If a building, due to its weight, would crumble and subside, it would do it in a very random way. Not in a repetitive precise fashion. Plus, how could a building of 6 million tons be altered to the point where its structure is threatened and 4 identical sides become 8 new identical sides and still having an inside precision remaining unbelievably perfect (the Granite blocks of the Upper Chamber, see The Great Pyramid of Giza 1/5)?

It is without a doubt a tremendous feat combining fantastic engineering, architectural and astronomical knowledge which was deliberately planned, shaped and built. How can we know? Even if all this can be seen by an expert eye…the 8 sides only truly reveal themselves during equinox sunrises and sunsets!