Sulawesi & Bada Valley

We said we have big plans for 2016/2017…We don’t know yet when exactly, but we will explore & investigate in one of the most remote places on earth, down in the Sulawesi forests in Indonesia to see this…”Easter Island” you said? We’ll see about that :)

Egyptian guide :)


Our guide Oana, overwhelmed by the young Egyptian kids we spent time with at the Luxor Temple. Pic taken during our last tour in Egypt, December 2015. We hope we’ll be able to spend such moments with you as well during our next tours!

Mammoth found in Siberia changes history of Mankind


The remains of a clearly butchered wooly mammoth in Siberia date to 45,000 years ago, 10 millennia earlier than when humans were thought to have crossed north of the Arctic circle. Our history puzzle is getting shuffled again! Or are the pieces actually getting closer to each other?