The Red Pyramid of Dashur in Egypt

While the Great Pyramid of Giza gathers almost all attention from ancient enthusiasts, media and general tourists, stepping into any pyramid is a one of a kind experience. There is something magical to it, as well as strange and soothing. An unusual feeling coiling us up in an amazing moment.  This becomes even more true when we are talking about the Red Pyramid of Dashur, Continue reading

Dashur Pyramids


In the timeline given by Egyptology, the Bent Pyramid of Dashur is older that the Black Pyramid: The Bent Pyramid is supposed to have been built around 2600BC, under the Old Kingdom by Pharaoh Snefru. The Black Pyramid is dating back from the Middle Kingdom (2055-1650BC) under Amenemhat III reign.

Even if the order of construction is correct, the timeline given doesn’t make any sense.  Continue reading