The Easter Island Discovery


Easter Island is the most remote place on the planet. Check it yourself on Google map: there is NOTHING around. You have to fly 5 hours to reach Chile. 5 hours to reach Tahiti…5 hours! Pitcairn Islands are “only” 2000km away, but they were only discovered in the 18h century so those who lived on Easter Island didn’t come from there.  Continue reading

Easter Island/Rapa Nui: Moai & logic


The most important thing bringing answers while we are travelling across the globe is always logic. Logic in its mere intrinsic meaning. Not biased logic we “learned” to have at school or through the media.

If we look at Moais recently excavated, found to actually be buried underground, this grand discovery ignited the general reaction of “WOW! Actually they are even more massive!” Well, true. But that’s not what is important. What is important, is Continue reading