Disc of Sabu


Disc of Sabu, from the Tomb of Prince Sabu, son of Adjuib Pharaoh ouf of I Dynasty around 3000BC.

No proper explanation has been given for this mind twister.
Different technical studies have given results of a “fuel mixer”.

The Great Pyramid of Giza – Are you kidding me ???


The most overlooked aspect of the Great Pyramid is not its construction, but the work done BEFORE to allow the construction. Let’s look at it because it is equally mind-blowing!

The pyramid construction started when the ancient builders bulldozered 5 meters of limestone hill (!!) to have a flat base for the forthcoming construction (see picture). Continue reading

The Great Pyramid of Giza – 5 times more accurate than modern buildings


All 4 sides of the Great Pyramid are more precisely aligned with the cardinal points than any other building in the world today.

The incredible accuracy makes the Great Pyramid face true north by an error of only 0.05 degree! As a comparison, a more recent attempt at a building perfectly facing the north was the old Observatory of Paris, in 1667. It only reached error of 0.25 degree. Continue reading

The Great Pyramid of Giza


2,6 million stone blocks? 6 million tons? You damn right!

No one knows how the Pyramids were built. Anything we read in books are simple theories that can’t be proven. The only thing we can do is looking at facts and think for ourselves.

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Ancient dinosaur carving in Cambodia?


Just right outside of Angkor Vat, 10km North of Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia, Ta Prohm Temple is showing another evolution mystery. A very specific carving is showing what seems to look like a Stegosaurus.

But we need to take one step back to really ask ourselves the right questions and try to explain that. Continue reading