Ellora Caves, India


One of the most amazing and underrated ancient site in the world. Enter the Ellora Caves

♦ Located 30km north-west of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India, the Ellora Caves are an amazing archaeological site.
♦ Conventional History states they have been built by the Rashtrakuta (for the Brahmanical & Buddhist caves) & Yadav (for the Jain caves) Dynasties between the 5th century and 10th century.
♦ There are 34 caves sculpted our of the Charanandri hills.
♦ The Kailasa Temple (cave 16), made out of one single rock, is one of the most remarkable ancient monolithic sites in the whole world. In order to obtain the end result, it is estimated that 400.000 tons of basalt have been removed over the course of a 100 years. But how many tens of millions of tons for the other 33 caves? No one bothers addressing this question.
♦ Scissors marks on walls are the only way the digging/carving technique was determined. Extracting 400.000 tons of basalt with scissors during 100 years makes no sense whatsoever and shows how much we underestimate the original builders.
♦ No alternative study has yet been published on the construction of this site.


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